Turn Your Car Removal into Cash – We Pay You and Do All the Work

Are you one of many Australians who has an unsightly old or scrap car cluttering up their property? Whether it once worked or not, you aren’t driving it now, and it’s not getting any prettier with time. Repairing or even just moving such vehicles can be more money that it’s worth, but they aren’t just frustrating eyesores or garden obstacles.

Having a scrap vehicle lying around the property is a grim sign to potential buyers and renters, a blight on the value of your home and perhaps even your neighbours’. They can house pests & mould, and leak chemicals into your yard as they moulder and rust away. It is imperative that you get rid of these wrecks, but what is the best way to do so?


We’ll buy any bomb for great value cash-in-hand prices

Especially if your scrap car was once an investment to you, you want to see some sort of return on its removal as it finally exits your life. Enter Auto Salvage Solutions – Sydney’s most reputed wreckers – as we can pay you a fair price for the vehicle’s condition and take it away to be scrapped free of charge. We work anywhere in the city or surrounding areas, quickly and efficiently “defusing” your bomb car and leaving you with a nice pile of cash in hand to put towards a fresh start. Our cash for cars quotes are some of the most fair and generous deals you’ll find in Sydney, so you won’t feel bad about engaging us to take your vehicle away.


Call our shop today to arrange pickup and a free quote for your car

We know you’ll want to hear about our valuation of your car before agreeing to hand it over, so we’ve made it easy for you to arrange a quote. Simply supply all the details of your car in our online enquiry form and our team will get back to you with the valuation. Alternatively, you can call our shop on (02) 9725 2722. Or you can email us, at info@autosalvagesolutions.com.au, to discuss this or any of our other services.