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Auto Salvage Solutions are the celebrated Subaru and Mazda wreckers service, helping owners make a quick buck from Newcastle to Paramatta. If you need to squeeze money out of a lemon, our resellers will help negotiate a deal that gets you your money’s worth on the vehicle while taking unwanted responsibilities like registration, maintenance or wrecking costs off of your hands.


Whatever your reason to wreck, bring the car to us

Our wrecking experts understand that there are many reasons you might need to find a quick way to sell off used or damaged vehicles. Whether it’s a rusted old piece that came with your property, an inherited bomb you won’t drive, your personal car replaced after an insurance claim, a statutory write-off – or even if you just want a fast cash settlement – Auto Salvage Solutions are equally happy to take it in. And lucky for you, we have broad tastes when it comes to cars. 


We accept any and all vehicles – we’re up to the task 

Though we’ve made our name as specialist Subaru and Mazda wreckers, the team at Auto Salvage Solutions are none too picky when it comes to cars. Any model up to the current, whether Japanese, European, British, American or homegrown local horsepower – all are equal once the wrecking crew get to them. We’re also more than happy to negotiate over the condition of the car, so even if it’s up on blocks and rusted through with a crushed nose we will still find a way to buy it off you. Just bring the car in however you can and then we can discuss terms.


Contact us today about wrecking your car 

Call our workshop today on (02) 9725 2722, or email us at Alternatively, you can reach our team through our website to discuss our services.